Shady Lady Shady Lady Lampshades

Shady Lady offers 16 victorian lampshade frames to choose from and
11 different colors of material, trims
and fringes or beaded fringes. Every
piece of material has the same pattern, only a different color. If you want beads I have a large selection to choose from. If you wish you can also use your own material and trim.

Shady Lady custom lampshades gives you the ability to design your own personal lampshade. You can choose your own color and shape. I can
also order frames especially made for your lamp with your measurements.
Also if you have a frame that is broken or not able to use, I can order another frame made just for you to match that special frame that means so much to you. Also you can use your own material and trim that matches your curtains or bedspead or you can choose
material and trim from my selection.

Restoration of lampshades that have personal meaning to you or
sentimental feelings is very important to many people. Or if it's a lampshade you just want
redone Shady Lady can do that too. You can use your own material and trim or you can choose from my selection. We can arrange for you to send the lampshade to me and I will return to you your restored lampshade.

I accept phone calls, letters, pictures or e-mail. If you have any questions please feel free to call. We can usually figure something out for any sitiuation.
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